i want to be with yooouuu!!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

me bago akong mga idol! hehehe! it took me long to know who's behind Chobits' OP theme (Let Me Be With You) singers... so here they are! (drumroll please!)

round table featuring nino

nyahaha! its the round table featuring nino! yun lang! ganda kasi ng boses ni nino, ang liit. basta ang cute! hindi lang naman theme from Chobits ang kinanta nila, just find it out! they have released their album entitled "April", and made Nino as their member as well--officially! galeng galeng! kaya "April" kasi it was Nino's birth-month. gets?

Round Table is a JPop duo consisting of two members, Kitagawa Katsutoshi (北川勝利) who performs on guitar and bass. Ito Reiko (伊藤利恵子) performs on keyboard and provides backup vocals. Additionally Nino provides her singing talent for main vocals.

sooo ayun! yun lang talaga! hahaha! btw, in case you will bother to ask, Nino is a girl... Katsutoshi is the guy there. hehe.


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