Dakilang Songer!!!

Saturday, July 30, 2005

walang nangyaring produktibo ngayon, except for understanding my Calculus subject! damn, i wished i knew it earlier, nang sana'y hindi ako gumastos ng malaki! tapos na B.I. p ko ni marynor sa "kakikayan" stuff sa may St. Thomas Square amp... meron na naman akong isasama sa earring collection ko. I thought they knew about things I love to collect! earrings kasi is one of my used-to-be addictions, eversince high school, aside from bags etc...

anyway, our block AR 2-4 has finally discovered Beng's hidden talent of singing!!! andami nya biglang fans!! even JC (our class president) insisted her to join the university-wide choir!!! why not dibaaa!! i even stole the flier ng bulletin board sa 6th floor just to show beng that she has all the guts!!! taena! pati mga irreg students nabitin sa ere ang mga techpens para lang i-check kung who owned that "Adarnic" lovely voice!! yebah! shempre me ibang tao pa nakatingin! wahahaha!!

naks! nirereveal na ang nakatagong lakas! weeee!!! XD!! go Pasay go!!

hey hey hey!! happy birthday chris!! tanda mow na!! reach for your dreams!! ^______^

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