One Piece

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Haha would you believe I am starting to watch One Piece again...? Aaaand not to mention we started from episode 1! Yes, baby. Episode ONE. So I was like, "...cooool 500+ episodes to go. BRING IT ON!" with the rocking finger and all.

Setting aside the sarcasm, I was only in the mood to watch because both me and Albert felt like watching a considered "classic", or rather a "phenomenal" anime like OP. And since I only watched episode 1 back then (haha yeah I'm a total sucker), might as well continue. Hehe.

I am about to sleep now, and before I sleep, let me tell you that I am so lovin' this iPhone app I downloaded where I can post my blog entries like this in a breeze! It's called Blogger+. Try it! ;)

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